Month: March 2014

Are PowerPoint’s better than lectures

This article got me to wondering, Are my classes better because of my powerpoints or am I just trading lecture notes for some savy tech tricks? I think it is to rethink classroom interactions! If we do not engage students though active conversations then we are not helping them to truly understand the topic.

Benefits of Apps in Education

Currently I work in a college LMS that can only be accessed through the internet. Thus this limits students access via their mobile devices. Last semester I had a student struggle to complete several assignments and tasks because they only used a tablet and the data from the LMS is so heavy that it was bogging down. I am currently looking at Edmodo as a way for students to use an app program in order to complete some tasks. As higher education we should always be on the forefront of understanding the culture and using current trends to improve our classroom. This should be a fun experiment.