Author: Vail Shoultz-McCole

About Vail Shoultz-McCole

I am a forever student and my office looks like creative organized chaos. I am lucky to have the ability to work both from home and have an office on campus. Quality Early Education for our youngest citizens paired with Valuing our Early Education Workforce are my passions. When we look to the future it is the children in preschool now who will be leading. We need to give them the best first steps towards success.

Listen to Warnings

When the Forestry Department and Firefighters tell the community there is a high fire danger please be respectful and restrain. Continuing to use BBQ and campfires along with handling fire carelessly can put people/animals/structures at risk. Thankful for the quick response of firefighters. The fire was quickly under control. Hopefully as the night continues they will be able to fully extinguish.


‘Hello, did you say you were from Colorado? I am from Paonia. Have you been there?” comments a lady taking the Ms Dixie II. “Yes we have. Love the Apple Festival in Cedaredge. Delta has grown a little over the years but is still a fun small town.” Here we are on the California and Nevada boarder chatting about her growing up about 1.5 hours away from my town in Colorado. So fun to take the risk and talk with a stranger while on a tour.

Pondering …..

Traveling down Hwy 50 from Utah to Nevada it was very peaceful. But sometimes boring because it would be 15+ minutes in between when we would see another vehicle. I would disagree that it is the Loneliest Hwy in America. It simply has larger gaps between towns. There is still lots of interesting things to see such as markers for the Pony Express.