6720 Sept – 3

The effect of gaming approach on learning in basic microbiology education: a pilot study.

Z karahan, A Kosan, M Demiroren. 2014

  1. found at CMU online library
  2. gaming in relation to context
  3. to see if gaming helped with context knowledge
  4. same
  5. This research was more longitudinal then the one that I will be completing as it was done over 16 weeks. Compared to my one time survey
  6. Data was collected during a text right after the context was taught then again 2 months later. There were 2 groups. Control (standard lecture), Sample (with gaming)
  7. There were 4 tables provided. Test results, Student direct reflection of the teaching methods. Student opinion of the learning process. Student perceptions about the learning environment. Each provided detail via Mean scores.
  8. Some discussion about biology was not familiar but the rest was clear.

The researchers were investigating the effect of replacing lecture with game experiences in a microbiology course at a college level. Freshman students participated in this study where the researcher analyzed the students perception of their own learning. The researchers used pre, post, and retention test along with the student questionnaires. Interestingly  the was not a significant difference in the terms of the means of the post test and retention test scores. There were significant differences regarding students views of the effect of the teaching methods between lecture, learning process, and gaming.

For the purpose of this research the researchers defined their view of games as: a competitive environment in order to fulfill a specific aim under previously defined rules during which they evaluate the activities critically. Adult learning was also discussed as being different from that of public school age children. Adult learners were considered to hold in higher importance self motivation and the need for self-directing learning process. (As an early childhood education I disagree with this because young children can and do complete and value the same tasks. The point being that our current school structure discourages child directed and guided learning)

The groups were divided up randomly but it was noted after the research that there was no significant difference between the the prior knowledge based on coursework taken in high school. Though this is still a concern form me regarding reliability as taking a course for each person is different and they did not all attend the same course in high school.

Table 1 indicated that there was not significant difference regarding test scores between those who used games and those who did not. Table 2, 3 and 4 did show a significant different regarding the students views of learning.

  1. An effective way of learning –  control group 3.86 compared to the study group of 4.83
  2. It improves reasoning skills – control group 3.57 compared to the study group of 4.92
  3. The purpose of the lesson was obvious – control group 3.78 compared to the study group of 4.83
  4. The lesson was well organized – control group 3.86 compared to the study group of 4.83
  5. Meaningful – control group 4.00 compared to the study group of 4.83
  6. Entertaining – control group 3.71 compared to the study group of 4.92

The highest mean score for the control group was for the meaningful definition and for the study group it was motivating, entertaining, dynamic.

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