Inte 5320 – Game Carcassonne

There were two choices for games this week. Both were new to me and in a genre that I had not done before. I played it online first. Wow, that was challenging because the website did not fully explain the game. I was putting pieces in just random areas and not understanding the points system. I played for about 30 minutes and over that time started to glean what the game was about. Thank goodness the actual game with instructions arrived a couple of days later. After reading the instructions it was much easier to play the game both with my family and online. Though I have to say, when playing a board game that is different from other board games that I have played, it is much easier for me to have the actual game. I won a few and lost a few which is the point of a game. To encourage repetition with the hopes of winning. Also to encourage those critical thinking skills which leads to better placement of tiles in order to earn the maximum amount of points. Interesting twist in this game is that people can share points – thus it brings in the prisoners dilemma regarding –  do I try to take it all and then get nothing or share and be safe. 1 big detraction is that it can take up a lot of space on a table depending on how people place their tiles. Reminds me somewhat of dominoes.

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