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I am currently following Teachers Pay Teachers. It was interesting when I first saw the list because I thought that it looked like an interesting website then when I tried to create an account it told me that I already had one. I am assuming that I must have bookmarked the page before the Great HardDrive Meltdown in March 2015. Which just proves that it is so important to have a backup of one’s bookmarks somewhere other than a document on the computer. Really taught me the importance of the Cloud.

The website is Though I was very interested in the website at first, my interest is now waning but I am going to continue to explore with the hopes that I will find some gems within the system. I have been looking through the teachers to see if I can find any recognizable names. So far no luck besides the typical corporations that have joined.

Brief overview: This is a website were anyone can join for free. It is geared for teachers of any grade and they also have a tab for Adult Learners.There are a variety of different categories to choose from: Grades, Subject, Prices, Top Resources, and Featured Themes. One can join at different levels. Shopper only or Shopper/Seller. For the Seller there are higher levels which then have a cost to participate. Teachers who choose to sell their ideas retain 60% of the profit after a payment of .30 cents per sale (much better than if they choose to write a book and sell hard copies). Members also can choose to receive emails with freebies, teaching tips, and more.

Though much of the materials that are Free are paper/worksheet driven. Not something that I support when instructing student teachers. But again I am reflecting on how could this website be used to help them to use it as a source of inspiration. To look at the worksheet called ‘Money I have, Who Has Game’ and find a way to incorporate different learning modalities.

I created a store to try it out. Now the challenge to create something that others would be interested in purchasing. By upgrading to a seller I now have access to the Seller’s Forum which I plan to explore deeper. When people want to join they can use my link  to join.

This site changes via the input of the users. Less interesting items are not displayed at the front. Sellers who have several followers and sell often are featured on the home page and rotated through. One can search to find the hot sellers and then modify their own offerings to the trends.

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